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Тема: рама для МАРЕХ. что лучше?

рама для МАРЕХ. что лучше?


Привет Всем. Люди поделитесь опытом, дайте совет...
В какую раму лучше всего обуть МАРЕХ??? Серия М или Про М. В креплениях разници нет.
Я больше склонен к ТАМА или ДВ...
3 тома, и 2 напольных, 3 тома полюбому на раму, а вот с напольными как быть тоже никак не определюсь! Поставить оба отдельно, на своих "ногах" или оба повесить на стойку "boom" от МАРЕХ.

Жду ваших мнений...

14.05.05 21:03:07

а какая разница Mapex не Mapex? раме все равно, хоть Sonor. поправьте меня если я не прав.

14.05.05 22:07:48

Дело в том, что я не особо разбираюсь в рамах и все что с ними связано, по этому и спрашиваю.
Как будут крепиться альты к раме? На clamp'ах от МАРЕХ, или как-то по другому? Все это нужно учитывать, объясни по подробнее, как крепятся альты к раме.

Гибралтар, я так понимаю это самые реальные рамы, но и цена скорей всего у них нереальная!!! Да? Не думаю, что качество изготовления и эксплуатации рамы от ТАМА или ДВ, будет плохим. Что скажешь?

14.05.05 23:19:26

Ответь пожалуйста на вопрос.

Люди поделитесь опытом, что и как с рамами, ведь рамы у многих есть!!!
Пишите, плиз, мне нужно срочно знать... Зарание Всем благодарем!!!

18.05.05 01:57:48

да я в этих рамах не больше твоего понимаю. вот помог чем мог: http://www.drumspeech.com/speech/showspeech.php?theme_id=583
бери Gibraltar, чего тут сомневаться?

18.05.05 08:50:34

для тех кто знает английский, привожу текст обзора ведущих рам.

After pedals, racks fall into the second most asked hardware question. They are however far less complex then a pedal.

They have no moving parts, springs, bearings, hinges etc. There is no issue of "Feel" when it come to racks. No way of setting a rack to make you play "Faster" and none of the other drama that comes with pedals.

There are presently 5 major companies building racks.

Tama, Pearl, Gibraltar, Yamaha and Pacific.

Of the five, the number one seller is Gibraltar followed by Pearl, Pacific, Tama, then Yamaha. Tama and Yamaha sell VERY few racks yearly. Guitar Center is the largest music retailer in the world with 136 stores and is a dealer for all the brands mentioned. Last year Guitar Center sold less then 20 Tama and Yamaha racks COMBINED. As opposed to Pacific, Pearl and Gibraltar in the thousands. Because of this, i am not going to get heavily into Yamaha and Tama racks since so few people buy them and virtually no stores stocks them.

I will refer to Pearl, Pacific and Gibraltar as "The Big Three" in this discussion. I examined each rack in person today and took measurements. All part numbers and rack data is coming from the manufacturers 2004 catalogs. Any models not in these new catalogs i am not counting.

I am positng the most commonly asked questions. If i missed something, let me know and ill add it.

Of the Big Three, the racks break down as follows


Number of rack series?: Two

The Icon series and the standard DR-80 rack

Avilable curved and straight?: Yes

Number of rack models?: Four

DR503 (3 sided straight)
DR501 (One bar, straight)
DR501C (One bar, curved)
DR-80 (Three bars, non adjustable)

Extensions avilable?: Two

Dedicated Double bass rack available?: No

Both for the Icon. One is curved, one is straight.

Number of clamps available?: Three

PC-8 Old style steel model fits 7/8 pipe only
PCX-100 All aluminum model fits any diamater tube
PCX-200 All Aluminum model fits any diamater tube and angles

Customization clamps?: One

RJ-50 Rack Joint which ties two racks together

Add on tubes for customization?: None

Different length feet available?: One size only

Feet adjustable front to back?: No

Number of leg styles?: One

Rack material?: Aluminum and Steel

Extruded Aluminum horizontal tubes in satin finish. Chrome Plated steel legs. Steel box form feet.

Other brands of clamps will fit?: None* (Except legs)

Overal horizontal tube length: 45"
Useable horizontal tube space: 45"
Max height of horizontal bar: 34"
Rack feet width: 20"
Rack level included: No
Unique Feature: Square tubing
Strengths: Unique look. Sets up much faster then most since tubes are always aligned.
Weaknesses: Legs cannot be moved left to right. Satin Silver finish not as appealing to most as much as chrome is. Square tubing means you can only use Pearl clamps. Not alot of size options. Not available in black.

Average price on flagship model single sided rack: DR-501 $149.95


Number of rack series?: One

The Pacific "Super Rack"

Number of rack models?: One

Same as above

Available curved and straight?: No

Extensions avilable?: One

Curved only

Dedicated Double bass rack available?: No

Number of clamps available?: Five

PDSRC15V Standard V clamp
PDSRC15A Angling clamp
PDSRC15SV Angling stacker clamp
PDSRC15AV Cymbal boom clamp
PDSRC15VA Accesory clamp

Customization clamps?: Three

PDSRC15T T leg clamp
PDSRC15K Tube clamp
PDSRC15 Any angle stacker clamp

Add on tubes for customization?: Seven

Four straight, Three curved

Different length feet available?: No

Feet adjustable front to back?: Yes

Number of leg styles?: One

Rack material?: Aluminum and Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel tubes all around in a polished finish

Other brands of clamps will fit?: Yes

Tama, Yamaha, Gibraltar

Overal horizontal tube length: 44"
Useable horizontal tube space: 38"
Max height of horizontal bar: 39"
Rack feet width: 27"
Rack Level included: Yes
Unique Feature: Spurs on rack feet
Strengths: Comes with two cymbal booms
Weaknesses: Legs cannot be moved left to right. Stainless Steel tubing is HEAVY and not as bright as chome. Not available in black. No straight tube rack offered. Only one model.

Average price on flagship model single sided rack: Super Rack $299.99


Number of rack series?: Two

The Road series and the Power Rack Series

Number of rack models?: Ten

GRS-200 (Short side rack, straight)
GRS-250C (Short side rack, curved)
GRS-350C (Full length main rack, 2 side wings)
GRS850DBL (Full size rack for double bass)
GRS-400C Full length curved rack)
GRS-SSS (Curved Spanner rack)
GVBR (One sided V Rack)
GVRS (3 sided V Rack)
GPR-550 (Entry level straight full size rack)
GPR-450 (Entry level 3 sided straight rack.

Extensions avilable?: Three

GRS-150 (Curved side extension)
GPR-150 (Stright side extension)
GRFVS (V Rack side extension)

Dedicated Double bass rack available?: Yes


Number of clamps available?: Seven

SC-GPRMC Multi Clamp (Straight tubes only)
SC-GPRML Memory Lock (Straight tubes only)
SC-GRSAMC Adjustable multi clamp (Allows angling of cymbal/tom tubes)
SC-GRSHKML Hinged key operated memory lock
SC-GRSHML Hinged memory lock
SC-GRSMC Multi Clamp (Fits any size tube)
SC-GRSSMC Super multi clamp (Heavy duty, fits any size tube)

Customization clamps?: Fourteen

SC-GPRARA Adjustale right angle clamp (Straight tubes only)
SC-GPREX Extension clamp (Straight tubes only)
SC-GPRTC T clamp (Straight tubes only)
SC-GPRTL T leg clamp (Straight tubes only)
SC-GRSAAC Adjustable angle clamp
SC-GRSAR Adjustable right angle clamp
SC-GRSARA Adjustable right angle clamp (Odd angle)
SC-GRSEMAC End mounted adjustable multi clamp
SC-GRSQS Quick set clamp
SC-GRSRA Right angle clamp
SC-GRSRAA Rack clamp with arm assembly
SC-GRSSMC Super multi clamp (Heavy duty, fits any size tube)
SC-GRSSRA Stacking right angle clamp
SC-GRSTL T leg clamp

Add on tubes for customization?: Eleven

Six straight, Five curved

Different length feet available?: Four

20" or 12" Road seres adjustable spread or Power rack fixed spread.

Feet adjustable front to back?: Yes

Number of leg styles?: One

Rack material?: Aluminum and Steel

Aluminum clamps, Chrome Plated steel tubes all around

Other brands of clamps will fit?: Yes

Tama, Yamaha, Pacific.

Overal horizontal tube length: 47"
Useable horizontal tube space: 41"
Max height of horizontal bar: 38"
Rack feet width: 20-3/4"
Rack level included: Yes (Shipping soon)
Unique Feature: Enormous amount of options
Strengths: Chrome plated steel tubes are lightweight and chrome goes with anything. Legs can be shifted left to right to allow rack to fit even the smallest drum riser. Any brand of round tube clamps will fit. Huge assortment of standrd racks.
Weaknesses: So many add ons, nobody can stock them all. Not available in black.

(All measurements taken off the the largest pre packaged rack)

Average price on flagship model single sided rack: GRS-350C $249.99

The above sums up what the big three has to offer.

Obviously when it comes to options, Gibraltar buries the competition. If you want to build a unique monster rack, Gibraltar is your company.

The biggest deciding factor among the big three really comes down to three things.

Brand name

All three racks are VERY wall made. In my 8 months setting them up, tearing them down and dealing with buyers while working at GC, i have never heard of any problems and heard no complaints about any of them. All three brands are solid, well designed and very durable. I can't say much more other then read the reviews above and pick which one works best for your application and which one you think looks the best. Whichever you choose, your getting a great rack the will more then likley outlast your kit.

As for the "Round tube racks slip" Its a myth. The exception being the entry level Gibraltar "Power Rack" series. If you hang anything too heavy off them, the clamps might slip. Other then that, they are as solid as square tubing. I will post a pic below of a 30lb bike hanging off my rack. The weight of the bike plus the distance from the rack is exerting close to 50 pounds of force on a rack clamp and its not budging. No drum or cymbal made today will weigh more then that.

People who have clamp slipping issues are simply not tightening the clamps enough or are not using memory locks.

As for Pacific using Stainless steel tubing on there racks...... Tama does this as well and i find it to be a waste. For one, it rasies the price of the rack since its a more expensive material and secondly, its much heavier then aluminum or steel. The problem is it offers no advantages in a drum rack application. Yes, its rustproof, but all the screws, nuts and bolts on the clamps it comes with are NOT stainless steel so who cares if your rack tubes stay rust free when all your hardware does'nt?. If its so damp where you play that it can rust chrome rack tubing, your shells and other chrome hardware (Lugs, hoops, booms, etc) would be rusting anyhow. Yes, its technically stronger then aluminum or steel tubing but a drum rack will never see weights that could ever hurt the tubing Gibraltar or Pearl uses so why bother anyhow?. Like i said, a totally unnessecary feature that does nothing but bring in two major things a gigging drummer hates, Weight and price.

Lastly, one huge feature of Gibraltar that Pacific and Pearl don't offer is the ablity to shift the rack legs anywhere on the horizontal tubes. Its something many people overlook. One of the biggest things i hear people use as an argument against racks is "They don't fit on most small club stages". That is sometimes true when you are talking about Pearl and Pacifc racks. But Gibraltar racks can have the feet brought in right next to the bass drum with the horizontal tubes overhanging both sides. So that excuse "It won't fit" goes out the window. In fact, its easier to fit a Gibraltar rack on small riser then it is to put a bunch of stands. I will take some pics tommorow of some of the tight configurations possible.

As for the Carbon Fiber rack systems....

I have seen two companies products first hand. Carbonlite and Marcato. Both companies offer 1.5" rack tubing that is the same diamater as Tama, Pearl (Legs), Gibraltar, Yamaha and Pacific. If you already own one of these brands, all you really have to do is buy the actual tubes and then re-use the clamps you already own.

Carbon fiber is used in Aircraft, Race cars, Motorcycles, etc for one simple reason. Its light and its strong. Those two attributes are extremely important in the fields mentioned above. Lighter weight means higher speeds and increased fuel savings. But in the drumming world????. Its a bit overkill. While it IS lightweight which means its easier to carry to and from your vehicle, is the weight saving really worth the price?

You basically need to ask yourself is it worth paying almost double the price of a conventional rack just so you can carry your hardware in one trip instead of two?. For the people using a one sided rack like the DR-501, GRS-350 or Super Rack, you already know it can be carried by one person pretty easily. Converting it to Carbon Fiber tubing would make it easy-er, but worth hundreds of dollars more easier?. Some people say its because they have really large racks. Well, you still carry the rack in sections, sections light enough in steel that its not an issue.

A 43" Gibraltar rack tube costs $16.00 in most shops. A 42" Carbon Fiber tube costs $47.25 from Marcato. Carbonlite charges $25.00 per foot (retail) for tubing. So figure about $50.00. On average its FOUR TIMES THE PRICE of regular Gibraltar tubes. Like i said, can you justify that price to save a few pounds? I can't.

Carbon Fiber tubing only comes in stright pieces. They don't offer curved Carbon Fiber tubing. So thats a drawback if you like the flexibilty of a curved rack. Although i have not tried it myself, i heard it also has clamp slippage issues on mounted floor toms. I have not seen this first hand though, so i won't say thats a fact.

I have heard people say they want Carbon Fiber rack tubes simply because they are black. Thats a pretty dumb reason considering you could have any brand of rack powdercoated for less then it costs for Carbon Fiber.

My last complaint is they are so lightweight, you will give up some stability. You can overcome this by bringing the rack feet farther back, but its still something to consider if your using alot of cymbals on a one sided rack.

18.05.05 09:02:06

У кого есть Gibraltar? Кто-нибудь на нем "играет"? Интересный факт, что на сайте Orange County мощные сеты они ставят как раз на рамы Gibraltar, а это уже о чем то говорит, - так как Orange County - очень серьезная фирма!

23.05.05 04:16:10

я "играл" (точнее играл на барабанах Peavey поставленных на раму Gibraltar)
хорошая рама. удобная.

23.05.05 04:35:12
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